RootsWeb’s WorldConnect Project: Johnson, Tetrick, Ross, Freeman

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Name: Carrie E Craig — pedigree

Source: RootsWeb’s WorldConnect Project: Johnson, Tetrick, Ross, Freeman

Message Boards

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Robin (Robert) Ferguson and Frances Love, Haywood Co. NC/1700’s 1800’s

Source: Message Boards

Geni – Eric Jeremiah Ferguson

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Eric Jeremiah Ferguson is your second great uncle.

You   →
Gerald Lee Abernathy your father →
Lee Abernathy his father →
Luota Grant (Leota Mary Anne) Ferguson his mother →
Eric Jeremiah Ferguson her brother

Source: Geni – Eric Jeremiah Ferguson

Ferguson kin – gravesites in North Carolina

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Ferguson Kin
Virtual Cemetery created by: Cathy Abernathy
Records 1 to 31 (of 31 total matches)



Snow Days and Family Trees?

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It has been a snow/ice day in Alabama today.
How does that related to family trees?
Well, since I am indoors from the weather, and have the flu-bug to boot, it means when I have had the brief burst(s) of energy — I have added a bit more to several ancestral branches.
No huge breakthroughs, but have made several connection I did not expect.
Last couple I stopped at was William N. Collins and Permelia Mary “Melia” Smith — don’t ask how I ended up with this couple.
They were somehow connect to the various families that I was tracing, from the Yancey County (Bald Mountain region) of North Carolina.
No family tree is SIMPLE…anyone who tells you that, has not done much research.
Somehow, the folks I have added to my main family tree file most likely are related to my Aunt Betty Jean Davis (Abernathy).
Her ancestral line is where I began today’s research project…
Okay, I am not getting much more done on this blog or the research…guess I need to get something to drink and get back to doing ‘something’ while the dryer is get the clothes done.
Another update will be in the works as soon as I find something news-worthy.

Garland Sevier Ferguson, NC Politician

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The Political Graveyard: Knights of Pythias, politicians, North Carolina <– click link–<

Garland Sevier Ferguson, Jr. (b. 1878)

Visit this site for more details.

Hot Day

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7 July 2010
One very hot day.
Dave and I delivered groceries to Mom; then headed back home.
Stopped at a few thrift/antique stores along the way.
Since getting in the AC, and starting to cool off, have been reading messages, and adding/correcting more items on my websites (somewhat set in havoc by my previous computer dying); as well as blogs, and misc. stuff.
Need to get things sorted out with this new laptop, get it behaving the way I want it; so I will be able to create a backup set of RECOVERY disks — then get Dave to set it for dual-boot (Windows 7 and Linux).
My head is pounding, so I won’t do much more for now.
How has your week been?
Would love to hear from my readers.
— Cathy

Death of a computer…a new beginning

June 2, 2010 by

(Take two…)
Attempted this post just but a few minutes ago — stepped away from the keyboard — came back the automatic Windows 7 update had re-started my computer. [growl!]
I lost all the text I had written (now have settings a bit different, to prevent this problem from occurring again) — I hate having to re-write things when software/OS updates cause me to lose them.
Now, where was I?
Ahhh, heck — I think I’ll do something else and come back to this post. There are things needing to be added, set-up; and yet to be test-driven on this computer.
I promise to return – soon.
“And to continue…”
— Cathy

Genealogy Mailing Lists and Groups – Very Useful!

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Genealogy Mailing Lists

When subscribing, please make sure that the subscribe command is the only text in the body of the message unless the list description states otherwise. In general, you must be a subscriber to post to these mailing lists and posting instructions will be contained in the Welcome message you receive when you subscribe.

PLEASE NOTE: First, we do not own any of these lists so sending a subscribe message to us will not work. Please see the description of the mailing list you are interested for the applicable subscribe instructions. Second, we are probably not researching these surnames and geographic areas, so please do not write to us to see if we have information on your ancestors. Finally, all of these lists are free.

The mailing lists contained in this section are divided into the following categories … just click on the one that interests you.

Hello world!

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